WPMU Dev Premium Membership Review

2 Jul

I found out about WPMU Dev Premium during my quest to offer my clients a better service. I was looking to offer my an all in-one-solution which would take out the hassle of having to manage a domain name, a web-hosting account and a website . My clients are non-technical people who want their website to work, without having to deal with all the technical issues surrounding the management of  a website. I instantly chose WordPress, due to its ease of use as well as the maturity of the software, being the number one blogging tool in the world.

The challenge of using WordPress

One of the greatest strengths of WordPress, is the number of plugins and themes available for the platform. This give you an unlimited choice to customize your website, and is really great. However, when you need to manage multiple websites, this becomes a curse. What if a plugin doesn’t work with the newer version of WordPress? Should I keep on using the old wordpress version, and stay prone to security holes and miss out on the new features? Or should I upgrade and risk breaking my clients’ websites?

In order to deal with those issues, I thought that I would need to exclusively use the most popular and constantly updated plugins. But that would really take the whole fun out of WordPress. It will just become like any other CMS around, having a limited number of plugins and themes to choose from. I almost started writing my custom-CMS, based on the excellent CodeIgniter framework, until I found out about WPMU Dev Premium.

WPMU Dev Premium – Too good to be true?

Once I found out about WPMU Dev Premium, I thought it was too good to be true: 150+ WordPress plugins constantly updated in order to ensure compatibility with the latest version, as well as hundreds of themes to choose from. I was quite impressed when I browsed through their list of plugins and themes. The marketing team did a great job of explaining what each plugin does, in a very simple and straight forward manner. But all of this didn’t make a lot of sense to me. How can I know that all of this does work, how could I know that their setup really works? I’ve become very skeptical since the rise of the internet, many websites promise you the whole world for a dime.

After doing some research, I found out that their parent company, IncSub, operates EduBlogs, the second largest WordPress network after WordPress.com . At that moment, I felt more confident, and I decided to sign up.

WPMU Dev Premium – It just works!

Seriously, these guys have done a great job writing their plugins, themes, and more importantly, supporting documentation.  Every plugin or theme I have tried really works! (Trust me, I have tried a lot of them) . Some of the more complex plugins, like the supporter plugin, require manual installation, but after that all plugins are automatically updated via the admin area.

My favorite plugins are the New Blog Templates plugin, which allows the creation of new blogs based on templates created by the super admin! For example, you can create a template for portfolio websites, eCommerce websites, community websites, and create many websites in a matter of minutes! I also love the CustomPress plugin and the Easy Blogging Plugin. I have also tried their Studio theme, and it’s almost perfect!

I almost forgot to say that their support is very helpful and knowledgeable, something you don’t find everywhere. Their forums are full of knowledgeable people, I have already posted a few questions and got very informative answers. I highly recommend WPMU Dev Premium to anyone who is serious about running a WordPress-based business.

I will be writing other articles as I progress during my project. Feel free to discuss your experiences about WPMU Dev, or post any questions you have about them. I would be happy to help!

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